Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Back to life...back to Reality

I woke up today and got ready for....WORK. I haven't been to work in 13 days. So I sorted through my hundreds of emails and checked my voicemail and now here I am.

Being on a long break like that....
Having days where we just stayed in our jammies all day long
Having people over and going to people's houses
Making coffee when I get up and then making it again at 3:00
Going sledding at two in the afternoon and then snacking on cheese and crackers and cocoa after
Watching holiday movies with Tad
Watching holiday cartoons with the kids
Not even considering picking up the mess of toys and games and paper and crayons and stickers that is our house.
Having a temporary guinea pig....

Makes me want to never work again....

I love my job. I do.

But man, isn't it kind of the goal of everyone to get to the point where you don't have to go to work?

I do know, though, that without work, vacation wouldn't seem so special.  Without being away from each other during the week at school and at our jobs, being together wouldn't seem so special.  And my job is my life's purpose (aside from being a mom, being in love, having a tremendous amount of fun and laughing as much as humanly possible...).

So. I have the back to work blues. My kids will have it tomorrow as we return to school and bring back the guinea pig....  But we'll soon settle back in to our routine. And we'll enjoy the next holiday all over again.

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