Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The inside of my brain.

Usually, the inside of my brain looks like this:

A wide-open prairie. Happy little flowers. A nice sunset. And I can see for miles (and miles and miles).  It's nice being inside my brain most of the time. I have a good perspective. There's the occasional rock to trip over or storm to weather.  But I can most often see the end of it.  Maybe that's what positivity and balance looks like to me.

But right now, the inside of my brain looks like this:

It's just full of dusty books and dirty pipes and I can't see beyond my own four walls. 

I guess that's what stressed out and unbalanced looks like to me.

There's just a lot of stuff going on...in every aspect of my life.  I know I need to take a moment to slow down and meditate on it, sort it out in my head.  I also know that it will pass and I'll be back in my happy prairie again. 

I'm ready for it now.  I want to be like Carrie on the Little House on the Prairie and run down that hill, and fall in the grass and laugh and get up again! 

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