Friday, January 11, 2013


So I have a funny story for you.

But I must preface this story by telling you this: When I hap by a reflection of myself in the mirror, I often make a face at myself. 

I realize this might sound strange to some of you and it doesn't really help my case that this is a story about something that happened to me, when tell you such a thing, as one who is already out there making faces at oneself in the mirror is kind of asking for it, but I digress.

So, I was going to my car in a parking lot and I caught a glimpse of myself in the reflection from the window of the car beside mine.  And so I stuck my tongue out at myself.  And laughed.  And then suddenly the window came down and there was a MAN  in there. I hadn't seen him! 
"Hey!" He said. He said it in a good-natured, amused way.
"Oh!" I said. "I didn't see you! I was sticking my tongue out at myself!"
"Oh." he said, slightly confused.
"Okay!" I said "Well, bye!"
And I got in my car and drove away.

How embarrassing!

And then as I thought about telling the story to the next person I saw, entering my work building, I realized that having to preface the story with When I catch my reflection in a mirror or window, I like to make faces at myself sort of gives me away right there. 

But whatever.


You should know that I googled "making faces at yourself in a mirror" trying to find a good illustration for this blog post, and turns out there are three Facebook pages for such an interest so I am not alone!

Making faces at yourself in the mirror  (238 likes)

Making faces at yourself in the mirror and noticing someone behind you (50 likes)

Making funny faces at yourself when you walk by a mirror (16113 likes)

Go figure!

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