Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Strong, powerful Jedi, an egg frittata will make you.

Last night when I went to go up and tell Coen that it was time for lights out, he was reading his Star Wars Cookbook that he'd gotten for Christmas. 
"Mom! Let me show you the breakfasts!" He said. "Can we have one of these tomorrow?"
He paged through and found "Forceful Frittata"
"Mom! Can you make this one?"
"Yeah..." I said. "I suppose I could."
"Do we have all the ingredients?"
"We actually do!"
Coen flipped around on his bed and squealed in excitement.  "If you come up in in the morning and remind me that we're eating this, I'll get up fast FOR SURE!"
So before I went to bed I set out the recipe book and the pan and the mixing bowl.  I told Tad, "You HAVE to make sure I get up when you get up in the morning."
"Oh, I'm the make sure guy, huh?" He said.
"I'm making frittata for Coen and I have to get it in the oven at 6:00"
Tad shook his head at me, smiling.
In the morning, I woke up.  Tad was just coming back to bed from responding to an early call from Lucy.  It was dark and I didn't know what time it was, but I thought about breakfast.  I got up and looked and it was 5:53.  So in my bare feet, in the freezing kitchen, in the light of the open fridge door, I started whipping together eggs and cheese and salt and pepper and milk and basil.
"Good morning crazy person."  Tad said from behind me, turning the kitchen light on and going to take a shower.
After it was all whipped up and in the oven, I got back in to bed to warm my toes.
Tad came in and I was sitting upright in bed, grinning at him.
"You look no less crazy now than you did last time I saw you." He said.
The frittata was actually pretty good.  You flip it upside down on to a plate, spread marinara sauce in the middle, and sprinkle mozzarella to make it look like the Jedi Council Room floor.
It tasted pretty good too.  I don't think it really got Coen moving any faster, but breakfast was entertaining as Star Wars action figures joined us at the table and Tad talked like Yoda during our entire meal.
My favorite part of the morning, though, was when Lucy started making Princess Leia dance around, singing "Why am I such of a misfit..."

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