Thursday, January 10, 2013

Inattentive Orange Eating

The really boring version of this story is that the other day, I was driving and I got hungry. So I ate an orange. 

The really funny version of this story, however, occurred inside my head.  So I have written it for you below, complete with rather crudely done illustrations.

Inattentive Orange Eating

So I did get hungry whilst driving and get out an orange and peel it at the stop light.

 I pulled off a section of said orange and ate it.  And as I did so, I passed a police officer who was sitting, as officers do, in one of those good-to-catch-speeders spots.

 Just at that very moment, I became aware of how very sour the orange was and I made the face people make when they are eating something sour. You know the face. Your mouth gets all twisty sideways and one eye involuntarily closes.  That's what happened to me, and I was looking right at the police officer I was passing  as I made my sour face.

 So now we come to the part of the story which is fabricated inside my head.  So I imagined that the police officer recognized my sour face and realized that I must have been eating something while driving at the same time and the fact that whatever I was eating was sour enough to make me make that face certainly warranted an inattentive driving ticket, because, really, who can properly drive while they are making a face like that!

The very idea of all of this made me laugh and I hope it makes you laugh too.  Or even makes you smile a little while you shake your head and tell whoever is sitting next to you that your friend Alie is pretty weird.  

That's fine too.

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