Thursday, January 3, 2013

Welcome home

The kids and Tad went back to school today and quite contrary to my expectations, it was a lovely morning. 

Maybe it was because we had the hustle and bustle of returning Spot the guinea pig to her classroom home.  Maybe it was because we picked up our friends Barry and Jamie on the way. Maybe it was because Tad gave the children "hair of the dog" breakfast cake.  Maybe we were just ready....

We pulled into Highland and I noticed the big banner hanging in the parking lot area that says:

It gave me pause and made me smile because, truthfully, my childrens' school and Tad's workplace is like another home.  Walking in the building, that's exactly how it feels.  I stopped at chatted on the way to the classrooms with Aden's mom, Leah's mom, Jackson's dad, Coman's dad, Abe's mom, and Ethan's mom.  Coen went by himself to retrieve a cart to put Spot's cage upon.  The children very easily hung up their coats and put on their shoes and put their lunch boxes in their proper places.  They excitedly spoke with their friends and I with their friends' parents. 
And after I kissed both Coen and Lucy goodbye, watching them settle in immediately, telling their teachers all about their winter breaks, I walked down the stairs of school and said good morning to everyone I passed.  People - parents and children - that I know because of the nature of Highland Community School.
So even though it's hard to get back into the swing of things, I am thankful for Highland.  And that my children can learn and my partner can teach in a place that feels like home.

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