Friday, January 4, 2013

Might as well face it

As you might know, I lost my iphone over the holidays.  I was extremely sad about it.  At AT &T my cheapest option was a $15 phone regular old cell phone.  Now, I'm still holding out hope that my friend is going to mail me her old iphone and I'll be back in the saddle soon. 


I have learned a valuable lesson.

I had become an iphone addict.  In any idle moment, I was whipping out my phone...checking facebook, checking email, obsessively deleting unneeded emails so that I wouldn't have a little red number hovering over my apps, playing word games, scrolling through photos, instagram-ing them...

In the few days I have been without I have noticed this: When I have an idle moment, I look around me, take deep breaths, appreciate where I am.  I have missed several calls and texts because I was BEING with my family.  I've played three full games of Candy Land with Lucy without getting up to check on a beeping noise or worse yet, bringing my phone with me while we played.  I've let emails pile up and no one has been harmed.  I've gone for walks and simply looked around at the world, the passing cars, the buildings, the people...

This is all very good and if/when I get another iphone I will use it as nature intended:
1. To help me get unlost when me and my horrible sense of direction are driving down Forest Home or Fond du Lac Avenue and I have no idea in which direction I am heading. 
2. As a conduit for Pandora when I would like to hear some randomly selected music
3. Oh. And to make phone calls.

I'm not really a maker of resolutions at all.  But I guess my lost phone has forced me into one which is this: I will live much much more in the actual, real, non-Internet-based world around me.


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