Tuesday, January 8, 2013

What we're Googling

Tad makes fun of me because when I want to know something and decide to find out by Googling it, I always type my whole question into Google.
I have Googled such things as:

"Why does my stomach hurt?"
"What size heater filter do we have?"
"Just how many pine cones CAN you fit down a heating duct?"
"Why is my eight year old being such a jerk face?"
"How high a fever is high enough to worry?"
"Do I have cancer?"

So yesterday when I read one of my favorite blogs of all blogs that I read-- The Bloggess, I saw that she'd posted phrases the people Googled, thus leading them to her website.  It was pretty funny and prompted me to do the same.

Mine were not as widely googled nor as hilariously awesome as hers were, of course, but here are my favorite Google searches that led people to my blog:

1. Small Wonder
2. Frock Coat Pirate Graphic
3. Broken Toes
4. Dentist Devil Sign

and my very most favorite

5. Cinderella Farts

Happy Googling.
This is the 4th picture that comes up when you Google the phrase "What we're Googling"

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