Monday, April 2, 2012

I made it so far!  I had a desperate want for chocolate right after I finished my lunch.  A hummus and veggie sandwich and two pickles.  And the supervisor who's office is always stocked with chocolate is out.  And the other office stash of candy had only tootsie rolls--not real chocolate. 

But I thought, well, here's a real opportunity for me to go the whole day without a treat.  No chocolate.  I can do it!

I am full from my lunch and feeling good. I want some chocolate, but I can deal.  I can go without chocolate-no problem.
Good GOD I want some chocolate.  I wander around people's cubicles awhile to see if anyone is eating anything I want some of. Nothing. Damnit.
I am going to go meditate for my fifteen minute break and tell myself that I am healthy and strong and do not need chocolate. I don't need it! yes i do.....
That's it! I want some chocolate!  I go and get the key to our manager's office and get 1 piece of dark chocolate.


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