Tuesday, August 14, 2012

An unauthorized guest post.

So, do you drink tea?  Tad and I do, and lots of it.  Both of us especially like Yogi brand tea.  Tad likes the Ginger Lemon and I like either Women's Raspberry Leaf or Moon Cycle (which Tad calls "period tea")  We drink it almost nightly after the kids go to bed while we talk on the porch or watch a movie or whatever...

Anyway, the thing I love about Yogi tea is that the tea bags always have some sort of word to the wise.  I have one that I saved from a Good Earth tea packet because it had an Estonian proverb on it.  The other night, my tea bag said "Wherever you go, go with joy" and I liked that very much because it is a message that needs remembering. Especially for a person with young children...when life can feel like a daily routine that repeats itself..it is SO good to remember that.  To find joy in all these moments, even in the routine.  But that's the kind of sap I am. I find great meaning in the proverb of a random tea bag.

Tad was telling me that he was drinking tea the other night and his tea bag said, "The point of life is to enjoy every moment." And at first he was like...hmmmm...maybe I should think about that. And then he was like, on second thought, who is this tea bag to tell ME what to think!  So he composed the following list of tea bag wisdoms. (he wrote more but these are my top ten favorites.)


  1.  the less you explain, the better
  2. what's that behind you?
  3. enjoy the ticket, sell the rest
  4. avalanches are overrated
  5. is 34 your favorite number? it should be.
  6. be like the jet-stream, why not
  7. surround yourself with variety-packs
  8. Furlong Samson looks like a sure thing
  9. the tea you just sipped is poisoned
  10. you are reading a tea-label, shit-face

This one, actually, we have hanging on our fridge.

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