Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Leg 5

 Leg five of our trip was a three hour drive from Columbus, OH to Indianapolis, Indiana.  We (on my mom's advice) decided not to make a 9 hour trek home but to break it up. 

My friend Stephanie told us a good place to stay and informed us that Indianapolis boasts the biggest children's museum in the world, so off we went!

On the way there, I got a migraine unexpectedly and by the time we arrived at the museum, I felt like all I wanted to do was sleep in a dark room.  Luckily, Tad asked one of the docents and I was directed to a first aid room where no one goes, as they said, and I slept on a cot in there for more than an hour.  I woke up all better and joined my family in the snack bar.  We spent the rest of the afternoon at the museum's various exhibits.  Coen's favorite was a maze of mirrors--there he is above making an "army of Coens". Lucy's favorite was the old fashioned carousel that she got to ride on the top floor.

We got to our hotel and found out that the reservation that I had made on expedia was actually for the 30th of July, not the 1st of August.  The front desk staff was so kind and she got us a room at less than the price we paid for expedia. 

 Our room was extremely luxurious and we ordered room service right away, watching the Olympics over dinner.  Lucy's chocolate milk was rancid and after Tad called down to politely complain, were were given three check up calls, two free desserts and four free breakfast buffet ticket for the following morning. 

I have to say, Kudos Indianapolis for your fabulous customer service everywhere we went!  It was a lovely way to spend the last stop of our trip.

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