Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A notable event at Washington Park

Tad and I are very different creatures.  Sometimes this is a wonderful thing--we complement one another and push one another out of our respective comfort zones. 

So, something happened at last week's Washington Park Concert that was the embodiment of our difference.

Some kids had gathered to play.  One child would lay down in one of the picnic blankets and then several others would lift up the edges of the blanket and carry that child around, swinging him or her and running and laughing.  Tad and I both observed this.

I was sitting with our friend Rachel. 
Me: Rachel...look at those kids. Tad's probably going to put a stop to that pretty soon, I bet.

Meanwhile Tad is on another blanket next to our friend Liza. 
Tad: (looking at the kids) I don't know about that.

Me (to Rachel): I'm going to go check them out!
I walk over to them.

Tad (to Liza): Oh my gosh, this is incredible. MY wife is about to reprimand some children. This is a historical event!

Meanwhile, I have approached the children and said to them "I wonder if you can lift me up!"
They put the child in the blanket down and yell, "Get in! Get in!"
I do.

Tad is still marvelling to Liza about my putting an end to this blanket thing when he looks back and who does he see getting out of the blanket after having been lifted up and carried around?

His wife. Me.

He and Liza have a good laugh.  Tad says, "Well, there you go. That's the difference between Alie and me."

At any rate, the Washington Park concert is happening again this Wednesday. Hope to see you there.
6:00-8:30--Washington Park Bandshell.

Who KNOWS what will happen!

That is me, in the blanket.

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