Sunday, August 5, 2012

Leg 2

 Leg 2: From Cincinnati to Mullens, West Virginia--Twin Falls State Park

It took us roughly nine hours of travel time to get there-going through tunnels carved into the mountains.  During this ride, Coen looked out the window and exclaimed, "Whoah! I just saw a man mowing the mountain!"

We arrived in Twin Falls State Park around dinnertime.  We dined on Campbell's Tomato Soup and grilled processed cheese on white bread, the only food I was able to find at the gas station we located in the mountainous windy way there. 

Twin Falls had a hotel and restaurant, a big park, lots of hiking trains and an indoor and outdoor pool.  The first full day we were there it rained all day and we drove into neighboring Pinesville to get some groceries for our cabin and get a haircut for Coen.  He reluctantly agreed to do so, due to a combination of the heat, the length of said hair, and the bugs in our cabin.  (I had to club an enormous cockroach in the night but didn't tell the children about that one!)  It took two women to cut his hair as he began to tear up the shorter it became.  The original stylist had her boss (?) take over.  This woman had to put out her cigarette and finished cutting Coen's hair with her own tresses wrapped in tin foil and hair dye. 

The place also had a field for playing baseball and a nature center for children.  It was the only three days of our thirteen day trip that we slept separately from the children.

 One of those nights, Tad and I played Scrabble after Coen and Lucy were asleep.  At one point, Tad had the letters:
on his tile and I had

We took photos and showed each other after the game was over. (Tad won.)
Coen made friends with another eight year old from North Carolina named Madison and Lucy made friends with four year old Avery from Ohio.

On our last night there, I made spaghetti for dinner and we had Little Debbie for dessert.

After the kids were asleep, Tad and I planned out our route to Floyd Virginia and aired any worries we had about camping with the children. 

Twin Falls State Park is a lovely place and Tad and I highly recommend it. 

Thank you again for reading and I shall tell you about Floyd Fest (in pictures) tomorrow.

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