Thursday, August 30, 2012

The dropsies

There isn't really a clumsy dwarf...but here's Dopey.

I was just wishing for something funny to blog about when walking back to my desk from the kitchen with my frozen peanut butter cups (I like to eat them frozen), I bobbled one, and in trying not to drop it, bobbled the other so that it looked like I was juggling and then they both fell on the ground and I started uncontrollably giggling.

I tend towards clumsiness sort of all the time though when it is at a certain time of the month I get what I call "The dropsies".  I drop everything (hence the name) and also walk into things and am generally just more awkward and clumsy than usual.

And the calmer and cooler I try to be, the crazed-er and uncooler I am.  Like yesterday morning.  Tad was taking the kids to my parents and all of them were still sleeping and I was trying to be super calm and quiet.  In doing so, I knocked a plastic plate off the drying rack and it clattered to the floor and when I tried to quickly stop its loud clattering, I knocked another one down and both of them were clattering around for what seemed to me a ridiculous amount of time. Until I stepped on the both to stop them, which made me laugh (and I covered my mouth to try not to do that loudly too).

Recently-ish I wrote a blog post about my hand frenzies and you can re-read it if you like.  But the point is, I am rather a fast mover. Tad's pet names for me include "Spazzy McSpazzerson" and "Hasty McGee". 

One of my favorite moments of this quality of mine was when I was walking down the street trying to read a map and fell flat on the sidewalk, map on my face and my shoes fell right off! 

I mostly embrace my Hasty McGee moniker and admittedly, I do laugh every time I fall down, knock something over or walk into a wall...even if it's after the fact when my dignity has been restored.

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