Monday, August 27, 2012

The more funny things you say and do, the more funny things you HAVE to say and do.

I know we all talk about how life is what you make it and all of those old cliches....

But I was thinking today about how I started this blog because I felt like I was stuck in a rut.  Of sorts.

I have this friend, Billy.  And when we were in our twenties, we'd talk on the phone and he'd say to me, "Tell me something funny." 
And I would inevitably, always have something funny to tell him.

But then I noticed now, in my thirties, when he asks me to tell him something funny,  I have to really dig to come up with something.  I usually can, mind you, but I have to dig.  And I talk to him much less often now.

So that was the I mean impotence?  I'm suddenly drawing a blank (I've been with several children today and my mind has gone a bit mushy) Is impotence when...yep...just googled it in another window and the first thing that came up was Cialis.  Okay, sorry....the impetus for...that was the impetus for my starting this blog.  It was like, I had children, and suddenly I got all serious.  There were bedtime schedules to adhere to and dinners to make and behaviors to figure out how to deal with....  I needed to start to notice again that everything is completely hilarious, almost all the time.  And when I pay attention to that, then I become more hilarious too.  And really, when it comes down to it... well I'm going to admit something really huge to you here. You might not even like me anymore.  I think that the most important thing to me in life--even more important than changing the world (changing the world is number 2 though)--is having fun, in a word, hilarity.
When I admitted this to my friend, Jen, she said that, in a way, that IS how you change the world.

So, I've been noticing that since I am trying to find fun/amusement, that it's just happening.  And the more funny stories I have to tell, the more funny things happen to me.  And I'm a better parent because I'm laughing with my kids and making things fun rather than being all "get your shoes on right now!" "Stop fighting!" "Do I have to pull this minivan over!?!!" And I'm telling them stories of arguing with my sister and making fun of them when they are over dramatically mad at me and it's working.  It's making life more fun. 

So I guess that's my observation for today.  Laugh at stuff.  It'll give you more stuff to laugh at.

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