Thursday, August 9, 2012

Leg 6 (The ride home)

Coen zoning out on the ride home

The one and only time Lucy slept on the trip

Coen reading about Star Wars
Lucy on the ride home

Tad on the ride home
Me being proud of my mad navigational skills.

It took us about six hours to get home from Indianapolis, including a lunch stop at A & W in the Racine area.  We pushed it a little long for lunch and minivan delirium set in during the near hour it took for us to get there after realizing we were hungry.
At one point, Tad said, "Okay everyone, we're going through a tunnel. Keep your face off."

I don't know what it meant but I wrote it down.

We arrived home at 2:15 p.m. after 13 days away, a total of 37.5 travel hours and a lot of lot of fun.  My own getting home sadness was tempered immediately when our next door neighbor came bounding out of the house to hug Coen and say, "I missed you!"

Within moments it was neighborhood mayhem.  Welcome home, us.

Thanks, readers for reading all about our trip.  Next blog post will be back to my regularly scheduled musings.

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