Sunday, August 12, 2012

They should have ball gymnastics at the closing ceremony.

I am blogging whilst watching this strange closing ceremony in London. I tuned in just in time to see the spice girls singing on top of British taxi cabs. Whaaaa?  

But I can't make too much fun because I am watching it after all.  I do like the Olympics. I like all the background stories and the athletes who actually look joyful about getting a medal--gold, silver or a bronze medal.  Or even just joyful about being there.   And laughing at the announcers who say words like "devastating" and "horribly unexpected" about someone making it all the way to the frickin' Olympics and getting a medal that isn't gold.  Like being the second or third or even fifteenth best in the world is such a nightmare.  What's so great about number 1? That's what I want to know.  I like it when the smaller countries win too, because even though it's fun when the US wins something, I kinda feel like I'm just rooting for the Yankees in Major League Baseball.

My kids got to enjoy the games too while we were in the Madison hotel.
We watched water polo while we waited for the rain to pass.  The kids were thrilled with the mid-day TV watching and the snacks that came along. And when the rain didn't pass very quickly, we got to see the US Women's Team win the gold medal.  That was very exciting for everyone.
 Today I switched from Netflix to TV after the children's morning viewing and water polo was on.   Lucy pointed to the screen and shouted, "Water soccer?!! At OUR house?!!"

This afternoon I turned on the TV and saw a bunch of gymnastic-y looking women posing with soccer-sized balls.  What the heck! Ball gymnastics?  I looked it up and apparently it's called rhythmic gymnastics.  Weird.  I mean, who comes up with these sports.  Next summer Olympics will there be acrobatic turkey basting?  I guess I just don't get it.  Maybe years ago, someone like me was writing in actual-paper-non-Internet-based diary about what a strange event synchronized diving seemed. Synchronized anything.

Here are some new events I came up with based on a Google search for "funny Olympics photos":

Foot Head Floor Routine

Aquatic flying overhead to scare someone and rid them of their hiccups.

Extreme butt grabbing

Coen just called down to me, after I tucked him in, "What are you watching?"
"The end of the Olympics!" I answered.
He called back "Who won?"


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