Saturday, August 4, 2012

Leg 1

As promised, I will chronicle our trip for you, but I promise not to make it too lengthy or long-winded!

Leg 1

We spent seven and a half hours traveling to Cincinnati Ohio with a stop in Lafayette Indiana for a picnic lunch, baseball and park time.  I had booked us a room at the Radisson which, apparently, is no longer in it's heyday. But the kids were happy with the hotel room and the small outdoor pool. 

We spent some time in Fountain Square, having dinner and playing around by the fountain and the statues.  We went to the Great American Ballpark and saw the Brewers play the Reds.  And unfortunately, to lose.  Coen was rather downtrodden, but cheered again when we went back to the hotel room to order a pizza. 

I got confused on our way out of town and somehow we ended up at a drive through in Kentucky of all places where we went through and got breakfast for the road.  Heading east for West Virginia, we stopped for restrooms and gas station coffee.  As we pulled back on to the Appalachian Highway, Tad said, "I'd punch my first cousin in the face for an iced coffee from McDonald's right now."

Tad pitching to Coen at a ballpark we found in Lafayette

Here we are at the Great American Ballpark

Me and the children "hamming it up" (yeah, I went there)

Lucy, back on the road again
 Thanks for reading, everyone. Tomorrow, leg 2.

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