Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Leg 4

Going from idyllic outdoor festival land to an indoor water park with a gift shop, a bar and a flashing and blinking arcade was a bit of a culture shock to both Tad and I, admittedly and we both had a bad mood day whilst there. But the children loved it.  And indeed I did book this section of the trip with them in mind.

Lucy napped for her one and only time in the van on the way to Columbus Ohio's Fort Rapids indoor water park hotel.  She awoke only when I picked her up to carry her into Sonic (our rest stop) and vigorously nodded with a smile on her face when I asked "Do you want some ice cream?"

Coen loved these speed slides best and Tad refused to go down them again after doing it once, headfirst fashion.  Hence, I was elected to go down these slides over and over again, racing Coen to the bottom. 
The best part of this part of our trip was that our hotel room had a "Kid's Bunkhouse" which was a bunk bed sectioned three quarters off from the room by a wall resembling a log cabin. They slept well in there, with their own TV to keep them occupied in the morning while Tad and I tried to keep sleeping. 

We enjoyed dinner the last night in the hotel bar and got caught up on all the Olympics news we'd missed while camping and cabin-ing. 

My favorite quote said by the Gymnastics commentator (who are hilariously dramatic, by the way) was: "No one is having individual thoughts today!"

We were having lots of individual thoughts in the Kriofske Mainella family.  Coen and Lucy's were water park fun related, and Tad and I were thinking how great it would be to go back to Floyd!

Nevertheless, it was a good stop and we got all caught up on sleep.

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