Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Blue Tuesday

We had a really busy, partly difficult weekend, but yesterday, sitting at the breakfast table with my family, I was thinking how pleasantly surprised I was that my children were bright eyed and cheerful and Tad and I were exchanging amused glances and laughing at our kids' antics.  Then I remembered.  Mondays are always fine. It's really TUESDAYS that are the bad day.  They really are.  So while I enjoyed breakfast yesterday, I tried to keep a little warning in the back of my head that our next morning might not be so sunny.

So, this morning, when I stepped out of the shower, I could hear Tad upstairs getting the children up and Lucy crying about a dispute she was having with him over wearing a dress today.  She came down first, cheerful enough, wearing her dress, but with pants and a long sleeve shirt underneath.  Then Tad came down, grumbling about how Coen took a really long time to get up and then announced that he needed to get dressed by himself, kicking his crying sister out of his room.

At the breakfast table, I was trying to talk to Tad but he could barely hear me over Coen's weird squeaking noises and Lucy singing to be heard over her brother.  Lucy poured the milk from her cup into her cereal, overflowing it on the table and then hopped off her chair, running into the kitchen and returning with another full cup of milk. I tried to appreciate that she'd gotten the milk by herself, but mostly was annoyed with the waste.  Neither of them liked their breakfast which incidentally, was the exact same breakfast they had yesterday.  While getting his shoes and coat on, Coen claimed to be hungry and then flopped over on the floor half-crying because his shirt was itchy under his jacket. I happened to walk through as Coen was saying back to Tad, "I am NOT laying on the floor whining!" while he was laying on the floor whining.  Lucy claimed her boots didn't fit and to prove it, dragged herself around on the floor because she "could NOT walk in those boots!" 

Finally we got out the door and in the car. I handed the kids each half a cereal bar to eat on the way (we had decided that Tuesday could be 'snack in the car day' to bring cheer to such a rotten day) and Lucy claimed hers was smushy and threw it on the floor. Coen handed his back to me saying he couldn't eat it when Lucy called it smushy because it made him lose his appetite.

I kissed both my children goodbye and then when I kissed Tad he said, "My condolences to Tuesday." 

And off they went.  But tomorrow is Wednesdays and Wednesdays are much better than Tuesdays.
                           I hope yours is more enjoyable!

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