Friday, October 14, 2011

There's a lot of gold in my life right now

And I don't mean the precious metal!

Tad's Brewers Playoffs Suit Coat which he wears to all post-season games...and also matches our house.

Game one of this series on TV, with Gold-Framed windows

We are having lots of work done on our house, including scraping and painting of the outside.  Tad and I had debated about whether to leave our house blue trimmed or change the color.  Tad deferred to me, as I had a strong opinion about changing the color to something brown with a gold undertone to bring out the flecks of color in the roof tile we chose for our new roof. 

Yeah, so I chose this "Caramel Corn" color which was brown, to my eye with a hint of gold. Lovely.  I guess you are supposed to buy samples first though and see how they look.  Yeah. I didn't do that. When the painters started on our garage, Tad called me into the kitchen. "Alie." he said. "Come look out the window and tell me if this is the color you wanted."  I looked.  "Ummmm..."  It wasn't, but I thought, well maybe it'll look different when it dries.  Or maybe that WAS the color I chose and it looked different on the house.  But at any rate, the last thing I wanted to do was tell the painters to start anything over.  So I ignored it and figured it would look better as more went on.  Coen ran into the kitchen, yelling, "Lucy! We're going to have a yellow house!"

Everytime I pull up to my house now I'm shocked.  Sheesh.  It's frickin' gold!  And then on top of it we have some of the inside doors and windows still blue.  It looks like we are freak Brewer fans who have painted our house blue and gold for the playoffs.  All because I don't want to make our painters (who are giving us a great deal) work harder than they already are.  At least my house matches the autumn leaves.  Maybe in summer I'll throw some astro-turf on the porch. Really spruce it up.

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  1. You have a great attitude about it! At least it's just the trim. Actually, that rich mustard is one of my favorite interiors....