Sunday, October 2, 2011

a very odd story

My children love for me to tell them stories.  Tonight, they were in the bath together and Coen said, "Tell us a story, mom?"  So I said, "What should it be about?" and they both said "A scary story!" and I said, "No, scary stories." They both said (again in unison) "Why?"  "Because", I said, "if I tell you a scary story then later, I'll have you guys calling 'mommy! I'm thinking of something I don't want to think about!' and I'll have to keep coming up the steps over and over because I told you a scary story."  They seemed to understand. "Tell us a story, though, Mommy." Coen said.  "Okay." I said. "Each of you tell me two things that should be in the story."  "A mouse!" said Lucy.  "What else?" "A family of mice!" She said in excitement.  "Okay", I said. "Coen?"  Coen thought.  "Tron...and Battle Droids."

And so began the story of the Tron people who all lived together in a castle.  In their castle was a tiny hole and in that hole lived a family of mice (I have never seen Tron, so I have no idea what it's about, but I'm winging it here).  Well, the Tron people all thought that mice were pests so they were planning on getting rid of theirs. But first they had to go battle their mortal enemies--The Battle Droids!"  Once they got to the battle, they realized they could never win. They were outnumbered. But suddenly the mice appeared ( having followed them) and they tickled the battle droids' ankles and one by one, they fell down until there were so few of them compared to the Tron people, they retreated in fear!  After that the Tron people brought the mice home and let them live with them and gave them cheese and bread forever and ever.

The end.

They seemed quite satisfied with my tale.  Also, I went the whole night (after being alone with them for most of yesterday and today) without losing my cool at ALL!  I'm proud.  Uh. oh. I hear Lucy on the monitor saying, "The shadows are too scary..." in her room. Better go take care of it! Good night. Go Brewers.

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  1. That's wonderful that you make up stories like this. Your kids are lucky to have you :)