Thursday, October 20, 2011


It has been quite blustery outside! 

I took a break at work yesterday, thinking I would walk down to Alterra and buy myself a celebratory white chocolate mocha after all the work I had done.  When I got outside, I saw that it was raining.  I grabbed my huge umbrella and started walking.  It was so windy it was actually blowing me around!  I was screaming and laughing as the wind pulled me and my umbrella every which way.  It occurred to me that trying to make it there and then BACK with a coffee in my hand might prove to be more trouble that it is worth. So I drove.

When I returned, I told my coworkers about how the wind was blowing me away and my coworker, Tiffany noted how really odd things happen to happen to me all the time.  I have to say, her saying that was music to my ears.  That is why I started this blog: because funny things happen to me, but I stopped noticing them, being so busy with life...  She also reminded me of a really funny thing that happened to me last year--also mother nature related.  I will share.

I was walking down Water Street, eating a bowl of soup.  (That's funny right there, isn't it?) I had to speak at an advocacy event and the trip there was my only time to eat dinner, so that's what I was doing.  Anyway, suddenly, it was as if there was an EXPLOSION in my soup!  Soup flew out of my bowl and hit me in the face. I was speckled with soup, shocked and looking around me for the source of the explosion.  When I peered into my bowl, what did I see? BIRD POOP! A bird pooped right in my soup! Can you imagine?

So, that was a lovely reminder of amusement happening when you're not even looking for it.  Just walking down Water Street eating a bowl of soup. Totally normal behavior!

Happy Windsday.

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  1. That would so happen to me!!!! I am a target for bird poo!