Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Sometimes a freak out seems in order

 See this picture?  This is a real life interpretation of my kids at many points in the day.  See Coen? He's hugging his sister. Nice, right?  Wrong. Look again. See the menacing look in his eyes?  He's TRYING to antagonize her.  I know! I have a little sister. I used to do it too.
And Lucy?  See Lucy? Is she saying "Coen. Please do not do that. I don't want to be hugged." No sirree.  She is screaming her face off.
And so it goes in my house, back and forth, forth and back.

I am quite sure those of you readers who are also parenting, know exactly what I'm talking about. 

Anyway, so I think I have told you in an earlier blog, that I am working right now on self-improvement. Becoming a calmer, more peaceful mother...and person in general.

I am realizing, even in moments like the above photo. Or moments when I know Coen worked really hard on a paper airplane and his sister rips it and he starts sobbing and so to help him feel better, I get him working on another airplane and then his sister starts sobbing because I'm not look-it-ing at something she wants me to look-it at. And so to appease her I find that she got a birthday invitation in the mail and I told her about it and then her brother starts sobbing again because he isn't invited to any birthdays and why is she?! 

So those are the moments when its hardest to take a breath and be calm and peaceful. But isn't it funny? That's when my kids need it the most.

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