Sunday, October 23, 2011

Things of questionable appropriateness

This has been a wonderful weekend.  It was a fun-filled, fall-filled weekend smattered with decisions and actions that may have been debatable. I shall number them as I go.

Friday we carved pumpkins.  We decided to let Coen carve his own pumpkin with a sharp knife for the first time ever.  Tad told Coen (much in Montessori fashion) that Mommy would give him a lesson in pumpkin carving before he would actually be able to do it himself. 1. During my lesson, I told Coen to place the pumpkin between his legs, and then demonstrated plunging the knife into the first place he wanted to carve.  Tad looked on apprehensively and then said, "Well I don't know if he should hold the pumpkin between his legs like that..." He quickly took over the carving lesson.  To celebrate pumpkin carving night, we all had bubbly apple cider with our dinner.  2. Coen raised his glass and said, "Lucy, this is beer! We're drinking BEER with our dinner."  Lucy said, "I'm an old man and I only drink beer!" and slugged hers down.

Saturday we went on a haunted walk in the woods sponsored by the Greendale Historical Society.  After the the kids were given goody bags by a woman dressed as a witch.  The kids each got to choose one candy and they gave me their bags to hold.  3. Tad and I each took a Kit-Kat out of their bags and ate them on the sly while they talked to their grandparents.  As we were waiting in line to go  on the walk, Lucy was standing by her Nana and a person from the press came by to take a photo.  My mother-in-law tried to pose with her granddaughter who had her hand smack down the front of her pants for the picture.  4.  She whispered something discreetly to Lucy who looked up and loudly said, "But my vagina itches!"  After the walk, I was taking a picture of Tad with his kids and his parents.  Tad's mom told the kids "Say Halloween!"5. All the family yelled out "Halloween" except my little Lucy who yelled "FART!" 

Today we hung around the house for awhile and let the kids play inside.  All of us went into the kitchen to prepare our pumpkin seeds for toasting.  Lucy put cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves on hers. Coen put garlic powder, salt and pepper on his.  6. Excited about his foray into pumpkin carving, Coen asked me if he could take all the knives out of the drawer and then I could tell him what they were used for.  I said "Sure!" to that.  It became quickly apparent, the questionableness of that decision, when Tad showed me the photo he took of Lucy, looking on.

And also this morning, we took a trip to Target.  As Coen hadn't yet decided what he wanted to be for Halloween, I, 7. decided to take him to that big Pumpkin-Shaped Halloween Express store to figure out what he's going to be.  But, alas, it proved to be an overwhelming, over-priced, consumer-circus bad idea for my little boy place to go!  He still doesn't know what he's going to be and he walked around the store, unsure of what even to focus on and feeling stressed about making a choice.   Of course, Lucy, in a matter of moments (who already has two Halloween costumes she can wear) chose a Smurf costume and Coen (the reason I wanted to go there) left empty handed.  It was a very pointless waste of money but I have certainly learned my lesson.  I leaned over to Tad in the car and whispered in his ear, "I vow NEVER to make us go to the Great Pumpkin again."  Now we both have pumpkin-related vows to each other. 

Finally, this afternoon, I was having a hard time getting Coen to spend some time in the out of doors. I remembered that every time we drive past the graveyard on the corner of Hawley and Bluemound, Coen says aloud how he wishes he could walk around there.  8. So I took my son walking in the graveyard today to entertain him.  He was very excited about looking at all the huge gravestones, especially the pyramid shaped one that we always see from the road.  I made sure to tell him that we had to be respectful and walk around without shouting or running and he said he understood that. 
It began to rain and we got to the car just before the downpour.

Despite some of these items, we did really have a wonderful weekend.  I hope yours was too.

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