Thursday, October 13, 2011

A very interesting goal

When I embark upon a working relationship with a young person with a disability in my job, one thing we have to do is create a goal.  The young person must write/make up their own goal and sign off on it.  When I enter this information into our data base at work, I must type, VERBATIM what he or she has written as the matter what the typo's, errors, and the like might be.

I am working with a group of teenagers right now to whom I am giving a class on healthy relationships.  The group decided that they would make a goal as a class and it was: "I will learn about having good healthy relationships".  But one of the youth in the class, must have had trouble copying down what was on the board.  Here is what her goal is:

I will leam about heating good heathing releasinges.

I really enjoyed that one.  I better go. I have to find out what a heathing releasinge is!!!

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