Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Brewers post-season to root or not to root.

I love baseball. And I love the post-season excitement.  But I do not love spending lots of money on something such as a baseball game ticket, nor do I love the absence of Tad on the weekends.  Yet, here it is these four things together that equal--my own Milwaukee Brewers.

Tad has been a baseball and a Brewers fan all his life. So naturally  if the Brewers are in the playoffs, my husband needs to be there.  That is an indubitable fact.  But there I was, rooting (just in a small way) for the Brewers not to make the playoffs because of the money spent and time as a solo parent.

But they made it and actually I was pretty excited.  And Tad went to the games both days last weekend and my Brewer Widowhood was actually quite an enjoyable time with the children. We went to my sister's. We went to a party and stayed out past bedtime.  We went apple picking. We had friends over to play.  We had a great time. 

So the Brewers play in Arizona tonight and they just better WIN!  Tonight, Rooting for the Brewers means rooting for Tad to be home with me on Friday night.  And not at Miller Park for a game.  And if they do lose, then it means on Friday half of me rooting for them to win for the excitement. And half of me rooting for them to lose so there are no more playoffs problems.

It is indeed a difficult thing.  And Brewers, my selfish heart is with you when it comes down to it.

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