Monday, October 31, 2011

The many incantations of my children

We had a lovely Halloween weekend at our house.  Coen went through two costumes and Lucy, many different faces of her one costume. 
Friday night, Tad and I got to go see The Might  Be Giants at the Pabst Theater and my parents took the kids trick or treating at the Domes and to I-Hop for spooky pancakes.  Saturday, we spent the day at the Elegant Farmer and Coen went nighttime trick or treating in Washington Heights. 
Sunday we had a Halloween block party on 55th Street and more trick or treat.  Coen went from A Roman Soldier on Saturday night to Ringo Starr on Sunday morning, back to a Roman Solider Sunday afternoon.

Lucy was a Smurf. She started out the morning as Grumpy Smurf, crying about the layers under her costume being too tight.  Her rantings were so drawn out that she ended up upstairs having an enforced pre-block party rest time.  She began her block party times as Grumpy, refusing to have her picture taken and getting mad at various friends.  Later, she eased in and made some slime with our neighbor Rebecca and covered herself in green goo, thus becoming Slimy Smurf.  Her lunch -- spaghetti and then a purple cupcake -- made it to her face and she was suddenly Messy Smurf.  Once it was time to go trick-or-treating, her mood had mostly improved and she became Relatively Cheerful Smurf. 

At any rate, my children went to sleep happy last night and Tad and I watched Bridesmaids and ate our Elegant Farmer caramel apple pie. A nice end to a nice weekend.
Coen, the Roman Soldier

Coen, as Ringo Starr

Grumpy Smurf

Slimy Smurf

Messy Smurf

Relatively Cheerful Smurf

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