Sunday, November 20, 2011

Four in the bed and the little one said...

This morning, Lucy came clambering in to bed with us and cozied in between Tad and me.  Shortly after, Coen came down too.  We all moved over and he cuddled up next to me.  Now, Tad and I have a queen-sized bed and it is a tight fit, of course, for all four of us. But we were seemingly all comfortable and warm and happy.  And then Lucy piped up.

This child is just something else entirely.  Here we were, all cozy, one family, under the covers.  Not Lucy.  She started wriggling around rather violently and said, "I'm too tight!"

Now, she is the smallest person in the bed.  And I'm telling you, she had ample room.

"I'm too tight!" She said again, stretching the word 'tight' out into three syllables and adding a whine.

We all, indulgently, shifted a bit.  She climbed on top of me and started shoving her hard little skull into my face. Her feet flopped to the side and whacked her brother.

"Ow!" Coen said. 

"Lucy." I said. "Honey, that hurts."

"I'm too TIGHT!" was the angry response.

"Lucy, we love cuddling with you but if you are going to yell at people, you may not be in the bed with us."

Lucy harrumphed. (If a four year old can harrumph.) "I'm going away. I'm taking my cozy blanket and going upstairs."  And with much dramatic movement and grunting, she got herself and her enormous warm purple blanket out of the bed and began to walk out of the room.

I, for one, was relieved.  But then came Coen's response.

"Awwww, the fun is leaving!"

The fun?

"The fun is taking her blanket and leaving." Coen continued.

Tad and I laughed.  Lucy returned to the room, encouraged by her brother.

She climbed back onto the bed and said, "The fun is coming back."

"Uh oh." Tad said, "Here comes the fun!"

Coen said, "Lucy, can you climb in by Daddy and give me and Mama a break?"

Fat chance, I thought.

"I'm never giving Mama a break!" Lucy said and climbed back on top of me.

Then I couldn't help laughing.

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