Sunday, November 27, 2011

Googling things when you think there's something wrong with you is NEVER a good idea.

So, I have had a pretty tough week. I had a migraine Monday, one on Wednesday and another on Friday. The one I had on Friday was so bad I slept for 6 hours during the day, threw up, and then slept another 10 hours. I woke up feeling exhausted and woozy and today spent the whole day afraid of another Migraine coming on.  I tend to get migraines in the fall--September through November-- and usually around my cycle.  Not typically as bad as the one I had Friday though.

So of course, after thinking about things like triggers and barometric pressures and oh my god am I having an aneurysm.... I googled some things.


Of course, the descriptions on there were telling me that perhaps I WAS having an aneurysm.  Or even maybe I had meningitis. OH MY GOD I WAS GOING TO DIE!! Okay, so I had to calm down.  And relax. Then in the shower this morning, I started wondering if another migraine was coming on. I mean, it's been every other day, so it should follow that today again....I stopped breathing and closed my eyes in the hot steam and suddenly felt like I was going to pass out.  Okay, so perhaps this was a panic attack and not a migraine. So I googled "migraine + barometric pressure" and the first website that came up told me that it was a myth that weather had anything to do with migraines and that migraines are a serious disease that people can have a stroke or DIE from. Here I was again.  OH MY GOD I'M GOING TO DIE!!!!  Okay, settle down.  So I realized that pretty much anyone can say anything on the Internet and that perhaps a call to my actual in-person doctor might be wiser choice for consultation.

 A similar thing happened after I'd had a miscarriage in between my two kids.  When I was pregnant with Lucy, I'd google any odd symptom usually resulting in my panicked thinking OH MY GOD MY BABY IS GOING TO DIE!!!.  When I saw my OB and reported what all my odd sensations could possibly be as reported by the Internet, she wrote something hastily down on her prescription sheet and handed it to me.  It said


I smiled at her.  "Better yet." She said, "Don't go on the Internet at all."

Okay, I guess I need to take that advice again.

When you think something is wrong with you, the Internet is not the place.  It induces panic... in me, anyway.

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