Friday, November 11, 2011

Hold on...I just gotta take my face off...

So yesterday I went over to MATA Community Media, studio space that was being used by WEAC, the Wisconsin Education Association Council, where they were filming a commercial as part of the Recall Walker campaign and a fight against the cuts being made to education funding in Wisconsin.  A fellow parent at the kids' school asked me to do it and I said..."Well of COURSE I'll come be on TV and talk about something I believe in!" sheesh!

So it occurred to me as I drove there that since I was going to be filmed, I might have to put on makeup. I hoped not.  But, alas, when I walked in, after my warm welcome they said, "Okay, we'll just take you down to make up." 


Here's the thing. I do NOT wear make up.  See my Haircut Blog Post for further explanation about just how low-maintenance my physical upkeep is.    I have only worn make up TWO other times in my life. One was for a murder mystery party where I was playing the part of a well-known vixen at a class reunion.  The other was when I tried out for a band.  They wanted me in heels, a slinky dress and full make up. I only let the front man do half my face. As soon as I saw myself, I said, "I think you'll have to find another lead singer."

Anyway, I sat on a stool and proceeded to be blushed, mascaraed, eye shadowed, and so on.  When she got out the eyelash curler I swear I flinched.  She had to tell me to stop pulling back and to breathe. You'd think I were at the dentist!  But, my face was done, my hair flat-ironed and hair sprayed (at this I balked too...what?!! PRODUCT!! Nooo!!!)  But I shot the commercial and it was super fun.  I guess it will air possibly as early as December, on all the cable stations. 

When I got home, I looked in the mirror.  I am not kidding you, it made me look OLDER. I looked like a fifty year old HOOKER!!!  I have no problems with fifty-year old hookers, mind you, all the more power to 'em. But I am a thirty-six year old without a career in the courtesan arts. 

Immediately I grabbed a washcloth, put it under the faucet and started wiping at my eyes. Then I looked like a fifty-year-old raccoon!  Augh!!! I called my neighbor and friend Kira and said "Help! I have make up on and I need it off!" She was available. And amused. I went in and she used a warm washcloth and baby soap to get it off. (I supposed I could have done that myself but I was in a state of panic!)  

When I walked Coen up to bed, he looked at me.  "What happened to your eyes?" He said. "Why are your lips redder?"  "Oh." I said, "Mommy had to wear make up today. It'll be all gone by tomorrow."
At any rate,  I was back to my normal self.  My "face" as they put it, safely wiped off.  A very discomfiting situation indeed.

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