Thursday, November 10, 2011

Make a wish!

Did you ever make a wish at

Well, tomorrow is 11/11.  So, I guess at 11/11/11, at 11:11, you can make the ULTIMATE WISH!

When I was a kid, and I would hang out at my best friend Jenny's house, we would ask her mom if I could sleep over. While she went to go call my mom to see if it was okay, Jenny and I would sit on "The Wishing Stool".  The Wishing Stool was an antique milk jug, decoratively painted, that sat in the corner of their finished basement.  The basement was where the TV was, where we'd watch hours of The Little House on the Prairie and Anne of Green Gables.

The Wishing Stool looked something like this:

Jenny and I would go to the Wishing Stool and sit on it, eyes
shut tight, fingers crossed, wishing with our entire beings.
They usually said yes.

Was it the power of the Wishing Stool?  We'll never know.

I'm thirty-six years old, and I still wish at 11:11. I still wish on the
first star I see...though I think I am usually wishing on Venus. 
That's fine.  Venus is the Goddess of love, is she not, and love is always worth wishing for.

I'm sure when I was a teenager through my twenties, my
wishes had something to do with love in some way or another.
I guess they still do.

When I catch an eyelash on Coen's cheek, he usually wishes
for more Pokemon cards or a new Lego set before he blows it off.  I wonder if he thinks that his wish is coming true when he receives such an item for a birthday or from an indulging grandparent or if he's long since forgotten...  Lucy has wished for things from a new baby (sorry, sister!) to another chicken nugget at dinnertime. (wish granted!)

I also used to make a wish when the clasp of my necklace came to the front.  And if you caught one of those floating fuzzies that you see in the summer...we called them "wishies", then you could make a wish and blow it away.  And also, blowing on dandelions when they look like this:

There's really never a bad reason to make a wish.

Also, tomorrow, that magical wishing day, also happens to be my dad's birthday.  I hope his wishes come true too when he blows out the candles on his shaum torte.  (He isn't into cake).  Happy birthday Daddy.

So, whatever your method, necklaces, dandelions, wishies, eyelashes, birthday candles or 11/11/11 at 11:11, may all your wishes come true.


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