Sunday, November 6, 2011

My four-year-old maniac

Today my little Lucy lu is 4 years old.  I remember the day I found out we were having a girl and I was full of disbelief, wonder, and excitement.  I remember the day she was born, Lavender Diamond playing and Lucy, cuddling in, nursing right away.  I was thinking 'I have a daughter!'

In honor of Lucy's fourth, here are some pictures of my little ham and some Lucy quotes.

Painting her face with chocolate frosting
Yesterday, we were driving in the car, listening to the Beatles.  Lucy said, "What?! Why is John Lennon singing all you need is love? Everybody KNOWS that!"

Enjoying some blue moon ice cream

Here is Lucy's Bugs Bunny impression: "Neeahhh, What's up snack?"

And two pictures of Lucy making her trademark Lucy face.I can't get enough of it.

Lucy: Why don't we have tails?
Coen: I guess evolution decided we didn't need tails.
Lucy: Oh.  Well, I guess we have penises.

She is a wild child.  She is loud and expressive and stubborn and sweet.  She is a supreme goofball and a nurturing friend. She lets you know LOUD and CLEAR about her feelings and needs.  And she gives the best hugs ever.  Happy Birthday, Lucinda Elizabeth!

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  1. "I guess we have penises"... Oh my Lucy Lu!! Happy Birthday to my best niece.