Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A happy zone-out (happy for me, anyway...)

Well, I'm getting so good at taking some time for meditation every day, I can even do it when I'm at a stop light. Instead of feeling impatient for the light to change, I sit and breathe, in through my nose, out through my mouth, thinking of something I'm grateful for.  It's lovely.

The other day, I was at a stop light, doing just that.  I just breathed in and out and thought happy thoughts and I didn't even notice how long I'd been sitting there.  It turned out that the light was somehow broken.  It would be green, and then the other light would turn yellow, then green again.  All the while, my light stayed red.  So there I was, breathing and smiling, watching the light opposite turn yellow and then back to green.  I think I sat there for almost three cycles.  I think I might have sat there all day if it weren't for the sudden back up of cars behind me.

They, apparently, figured out the problem much before I.  Someone started honking, someone started yelling, and then finally, one by one, they zoomed around me and turned right, to get the next light in hopes that it was working properly.  Once I came to my senses, I followed suit.  But at least I was relaxed!

Here is my visual depiction of what I think this may have looked like to an innocent bystander.  Of course, I was the innocent-est of bystanders...well, bysitters anyway. 

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  1. I envy your ability to meditate like this. Too bad more of us can't make the most of these little moments like you do.