Tuesday, November 22, 2011

My kids' values

I know we all hope to raise children with like-minded values. And I know that right now my kids' values most likely mirror my own because their little family is their world--now expanding to school and friends and community.  But for now, I really like my kids' values. Here are two Coen and Lucy quotes to demonstrate what those values are:

This conversation is between Lucy and Coen during dinner.
Coen: (holding a Recall Walker bumper sticker)  Lucy, do you know what this says?
Lucy: What?
Coen: It says Recall Walker
Lucy: Why is Scott Walker such a bad guy?
Coen: I bet he's not totally a bad guy. I bet if you met him in person, he'd even be pretty nice. But he's making some bad decisions that are hurting people in 'Isconsin.
Lucy: Oh. (to me) Mommy? Do they have Recall Scott Walker signs for the whole family?

This conversation took place between Coen and a friend of his, who were talking about how much they like their Pokemon cards.
Coen's friend: I'm thankful for my Pokemon cards. And I'm really thankful for my DS and my games!
Coen: I am thankful for my Pokemon cards too. But I'm really thankful for my mom and my dad and Lucy.

I'm thankful to have such cool kids.

Coen and Lucy playing dress up with the clothes in my closet last night.

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