Thursday, November 17, 2011

Zumba like nobody's watching

I am a terrible dancer.  You'd think as a musician that I'd have some semblance of rhythm, but no...I don't.  But the thing is, I LOVE to dance.  When I was in my twenties, I was out dancing with friends at Mad Planet and someone actually came up to TELL me that I couldn't dance!  That kind of soured me on dance clubs... but now I'm thirty six. I have given birth to two children. I have a life I love and dammit. I'm going to dance! I don't care what people think!  Well, now I don't anyway.

But when I first heard about Zumba, I was very leery.  I am not going to take a class that's all about dance, I thought.  Everyone will see how bad I am and then I'll get kicked out of the class!  A Zumba flunkie! That's what I'll be!!!  But then one of my coworkers offered to teach a free Zumba class over our lunch hour one day. So I tried it.

Well, let me tell you, I fell in Zumba LOVE!

The music, the dancing, the exercise, the sweating.  I tell you, doing Zumba gives me the kind of elation that I am always looking for.  When I was doing it for the first time, I felt a bubble of joy grow in my chest and explode and I almost wanted to cry. I'm serious. 

So now I'm taking a regular Zumba class with some friends.   Here is my pictorial depiction of Zumba class:

Notice my splayed fingers, how I'm facing in the wrong direction, my awkwardly placed legs...that's how it is a lot of the time.. But I tell you, I have a GREAT time.  I love it. I get to exercises, work up a sweat, AND laugh hysterically at myself for an hour.  It gives me great joy.


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  1. One of my coworkers keeps trying to get me to join her Monday and Friday afternoon Zumba class. I have visions of knocking someone over with my complete lack of coordination and starting a domino effect. I picture bodies spread out all over the gym. It would not be pretty.