Wednesday, November 2, 2011

He said she said

So back when I was dating boys, there was always the phenomenon that I would go on and on about what he said and how he said it and what it all meant...every facial expression, gesture or phrase--spoken, written or otherwise.  What did it all MEAN?!!  And of course, I come to find out later: It meant nothing. He was just saying things and having no subliminal messages attached to his every movement and word.  And then I got married. Fell in love. I thought all that was over.   Nope.

Today, in my world of being IN A RELATIONSHIP, this phenomenon has translated into the text message.


Me: Hey baby, so I was thinking
maybe if you could pick the kids
up that would be great. I have
to stop home and get the soup
on and maybe I'll stop and p/u
some bread and maybe u could
just get them, if thatwouldn't
be too troublesome?
Him: Ya

Me: Hi love! Hope your day is
going well. I'll pick up the kids.
I have to stop there anyway
to pick up some stuff.  Oh and
talk to Melissa about coming
for dinner tonight!
Him: OK

Me: Hi! Things are going well
this morning.  Your dad just
sent me an email picture
(wonder if you got it) of
you cooking chili. You look
very attractive. ;)
Him: Good

Me: Hey! When you get home
can you preheat the oven to
whatever temperature the
fish needs to be in at (on
the recipe-on the counter)
Oh and can you also throw
some sweet potato fries in too?
Him: OK

Me: Things are good here. Kids
are bathed and in bed. Going
up to turn off Coen's light. I
love you. Oh and I'm watching
the Brewers.  going to bed after
Corey Hart hits this home run.
Or walks!
Agh! Love you.
Him: whoowe. love u

Okay, so you get the picture.  The worst is when we've had a bad morning or some communication was off and I try to convey through text, whatever neuroses I might be having. Usually then, though, he just calls me! 

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