Monday, November 14, 2011

My little monsters

Here are my little monsters at the park yesterday:

Last night, both children were a bit "monster-ish" at bedtime.  Coen, per usual, had his falling asleep issues. Usually, its just trouble falling asleep for him. He tells us "I'm thinking about something I don't want to think about."  It takes him a long time to get settled.  Lucy woke in the middle of the night last night crying for no apparent reason.  Tad tried to calm her, but to no avail. He sent me up.  I rubbed her back for a while.  Then when I stopped and tried to sneak out, she screamed, "Rub my back!!" WELL!  "Lucy", I said, "you may not yell at me, even if you are upset."  I rubbed her back a bit more and then told her I had to go to bed.  I got her a stuffed animal.  When I asked which she wanted, she yelled "Ellie!!!" (her pink elephant) with the same ire. I paused.  She sighed and said in a calm voice, "Ellie, Mama. Please."  Wow, she turned it around, even at 1:00 in the morning! Impressive.

And Coen... When I went upstairs last night to tell him it was lights out time, was sitting on his bed with a notebook and a pencil. "I wrote a song." he said.  "Can I sing it to you?"  Of course! And I had him sing it to his daddy too.  And I told him that writing down your feelings is a great way to express them.  Here are the lyrics to his song:

I don't dream all of the time
But I think about things
I don't want to think about
can you help me stop
thinking about these things
I need an ipod so I stop calling you
I'll sing it again
I don't dream all the time
But I think about things
I don't want to think about.
Can you help me stop thinking these things

My kids may be little monsters sometimes (especially when its my time to sleep or relax...) ...but wow, do they amaze me.

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