Monday, April 9, 2012

Big Friday, Saturday, and Easter Sunday

It was a trifecta of an Easter weekend. 

Good Friday (They call it Big Friday in Estonia--which I kind of like better) we went to my in-laws and the kids had an egg hunt and we ate brunch. 
After brunch, Lucy asked if she could eat her chocolate bunny
Nana said, "Lucy, you have to eat the ears first!"
"Why?" Lucy asked.
"Because" Tad answered, "Then it can't hear you eating the rest of its body."
After that we spent our afternoon on the East Side in the Brady Street neighborhood where Coen was born.
Here the children are celebrating on Brady Street
Saturday we had a neighborhood Easter egg hunt, conceptualized and organized by my neighbor Steph.  Our neighborhood, which boasts 44 children in a two-block radius, was full of excited, running, Easter-egg hunting kids. 

Here are Coen and Lucy with their bunny eggs.

On Sunday, we went to my parents house for an Easter basket hunt and then to brunch at the Hubbard Lodge which was luxuriously delicious.  I had, at one point, on my plate: an omelet, ribs, and a pancake.  Tad was impressed with me.  We ended our morning at the park, where my niece spent the whole hour on the swing, singing "Five little monkeys" over and over. And telling me about seeing the real monkey "at the Zoop."

Here are the cousins just before leaving to go to brunch
It was a tremendously action-packed, fun-filled weekend.

Happy Spring!

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