Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I had a series of missteps, misunderstandings and mistakes yesterday that in no way ruined my day, but rather enhanced it with mild amusement. I prefer my amusement to be on the extreme hilarity end of the spectrum however I'll take amusement even as mild as mild can be, in most any form.

In the class I taught at Shorewood high school I called THREE students by the wrong names.  They all forgave me of course, but who likes to be called by the wrong name? No one, that's who.

When I got home from work and brought in the mail, I saw that we had a credit card bill. And on the bill in large, dark letters it claimed that due to being late last month with our payment, we would now have a higher interest rate.  I grabbed the phone and began to complain in my most indignant, and assertive (can you be those two things at once?) voice that "I am NEVER late on my bill (all the while logging into my bank account online so I could prove it) and I ALWAYS pay on time and....Oh.  Nevermind." (I realized that somehow I had skipped our March payment entirely as shown by my online banking history.)  "It's not my fault", I told the friendly southern sounding customer service representative, "March went really fast."  Apparently March going really fast is not a good enough reason to remove a late fee so, alas, I paid my bill, adding $25 to my usual amount for the late fee.

Then in the early evening, after dinner, we listened to our family-created "all you need is love" station on Pandora and Lucy and I cuddled while Tad and Coen played UNO.  The light kept going on and off and in my head I was thinking, maybe Harald is communicating with me telepathically.  (My friend Harald, as you know, if you've been reading awhile, is ill and he is now in the end stages of his illness.  I'm not sure how long he has and I continue to call him every day even though I'm not sure that he knows it's me anymore).  Once it was my turn to play UNO with Coen, I realized that the light was going on and off because Coen was turning it on and off with his feet.  So much for my telepathic communication with Harald.  Though I suspect we can still have telepathic communication somehow, maybe just not through my living room lamp.

I thought there was something else but I can no longer remember it. Maybe it was not that funny.  I used google images to look for a picture for the word "oops".  Mostly inappropriate things came up.  And here I thought "oops" was such a benign word. I think Brittany Spears might have ruined it's innocence.  Well, above is the only picture I found that wasn't involving someone accidentally exposing themselves or wearing a bikini or looking vaguely like they should be in a magazine with a suggestive name...  And I like shoes. 

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