Sunday, April 29, 2012

Don't laugh

My daughter does not want to be laughed at.  It's true. I don't understand how a child of mine does not want to be laughed at, but I assume she'll grow out of it.  But when she says things like this, it's really hard:

Lucy: So...Scott Walker is a bad guy but Luke SKY Walker is good guy?
Me: (Laughing)
Lucy: Don't laugh!

Then later she was singing and putting in the word "fart" to all the lyrics to "All You Need is Love."  I laughed.  "Don't laugh!" She said, putting her hand in front of me.  

I can't help it. She's funny. Tad and I try to tell her that she's funny and it's a compliment when people laugh at you.  I then tried to expound upon that by explaining the difference between being laughed AT and being laughed WITH.  I guess a four-year-old, even MY four-year-old doesn't quite grasp that.

At night, when we tuck her in, we say "Don't let the bed bugs bite." But Tad turned it into this game where you insert a detail in the sentence that describes what's going on in Lucy's life.  For example: tonight I said "Don't let the school day tomorrow bed bugs bite."  On Friday, I might have said, "Don't let the Lucy took a bath tonight bed bugs bite." 

Tonight in response Lucy said, "Lucy got a time out for tackling her brother even though he said not to bed bugs bite...DON'T laugh!" and put her hand in front of her face.

"I'm not laughing" I said, smiling at her, closing her door as I left, and laughed all the way down the stairs.

Don't Laugh!
Though I don't know how a person's supposed to be able to help it.

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