Friday, April 6, 2012

Smile, darn ya, Smile!

I know I can be an exceedingly cheerful person. Annoyingly so at times.  But on the opposite end of things, some people just seem like they never smile at all. And that can also be annoying.  To me.

I walked past someone the other day, who just never smiles. And I thought..'well, you'd probably feel and look better if you'd just smile once in a that too much to ask?'  I know I know, some people have harder lives than other.  Some people just don't like to smile.

And then there are all these little quotes about smiling.

"Smile, and your face will follow."  Wait. Is that one? That sounds weird.

"It takes more muscles to frown than to smile." But really in all truth, it's not like people who aren't smiling are actually using their muscles to obviously frown.  That's just silly. They probably just have their face relaxed.  Which likely takes less muscles than smiling when you think about it.

"Smile darn ya, Smile!" Well, that's not really a quote...its an old Merrie Melodies cartoon short. My grandpa used to sing that to my sister and I when we were crabby. Or else he'd say, "Don't smile. Whatever you do, don't smile." I used to love that. It always made me smile, of course.
Although, I try it on Coen and it really just pisses him off.
I guess kids need to be taken more seriously these days.

Anyway, so this popped into my head after I passed the non-smiling person and I drew it and thought I'd share it with you, readers.  It's probably not as funny as it is in my head, but then again, most things aren't.

I hope you smile today. Whether you mean it or not!

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