Thursday, April 19, 2012

Short women

Yesterday I was in the kitchen cooking and Coen and Lucy were sitting at the table. I over heard them having a conversation.

Lucy: Why is our mommy so short?
Coen: We have a little mommy.
Lucy: Yeah, we have a little mommy.
Me (entering room)What are you guys talking about?
Coen: We're talking about you. You're a short woman.
Me: I am a short woman.  Lucky thing too, because your daddy likes short women.
Coen: Is that why he fell in love with you?
Me: Well...maybe other things too. 
Lucy: And then Daddy fell in love with me!
Coen: Well, first he fell in love with Mommy. Then I was born and he fell in love with me.  And THEN you were born and he fell in love with you!
Lucy: He fell in love with everyone....except Scott Walker.

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