Wednesday, April 18, 2012

My first time

You just had to read, huh?  Nooo, that's not what I meant.  Not THAT first time. Well, sort of.

Today was my first time ever teaching straight up sex ed.

That is to say, very appropriate and mature sexuality education.

I did it!

I talked to high school students about EVERYTHING...I mean everything.  Body parts, puberty, how babies are made...
I said "Ejaculation" and "Erection" and "Testicles" and "Vagina" and more!  And since this is my blog and not a professional area, I can say these words and giggle.  Hee hee hee.  But I didn't giggle in the classroom. No sir. The kids did and I let them know that it was okay that they were giggling because these are uncomfortable words and topics.  I, however am not giggling because I'm uncomfortable, but because at heart, I'm immature and childish. But in my job I'm a pillar of comfort and maturity.  Really!

I feel like I did a really good job and I am proud of myself.  When I got out to the car, I thought to myself 'If I drank, I would totally go buy myself a drink right now.  A shot, even, of Schnapps.  Do people get shots of Schnapps?  Anyway, I would.

But then I turned my car on and turned the radio on...

And the Humpty Dance was playing.

That is way better than a shot if you ask me. I think it was a sign from the universe. So I cranked it up and sang along.  A lot of people looked at me strange. My windows were down.  I wasn't even embarassed.

I taught sex ed!

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