Saturday, April 21, 2012

Didn't hear or didn't listen?

So I'm what they call hard of hearing. I am deaf in one ear.  Now, this can be a boon in such situations as: In the middle of the night when the kids call and I'm sleeping deaf ear up, guess who has to get up and deal with it.  Yep, Tad.  When the children are screaming or drumming or banging on the's just a bit less harsh to my ears...I mean, ear.

And even though now I have a hearing aid, which brings my hearing to basically normal, I think I might still be in the habit of well...not listening. I guess because I assume I just won't hear or I'm used to not hearing... I sometimes will ask someone a question and then just fail to listen to the answer.  Such things happened this evening.

We had some friends over today and I went to order a pizza for us.  "Thin crust!" Tad said.  When I ordered the pizza, I ordered no such thing.  I heard him though. I even had it in my head.  But when  I talked to the pizza guy I ordered two medium pizzas.  That's it. No details. And of course we got thick crust.  Or hand tossed. Or whatever it is when it isn't thin crust.

Then I took Coen and his friend Natalie to the gas station to get cash to pay the pizza guy and I told them they could both get a soda there.  "What kind do you want?" I asked Tad and Erik.  "Mountain Dew" said Tad.  "Coke or Pepsi." said Erik.  "What kind?" I said, "Coke or Pepsi?"  And he answered.  But when I got to the gas station, I could not think what kind of sodas the guys wanted.  "Just grab three Cokes or Pepsis" I told Natalie. She brought me three Pepsis and we were on our way. 

At dinner, Tad and Erik spent a good full minute making fun of me about how people sometimes forget things.  Or maybe people don't listen.  I only know this because they told me later.  I didn't actually hear them.  I had my hearing aid in though. I think I just wasn't listening.

"Wow." I said later, "I must have tuned you out." 
"It's about time." Tad said.
"April 21st, 2012." Erik said.

Didn't hear? Didn't listen?  Maybe I'm just tuning you out!

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