Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sibling Rivalry

When my sister and I were young, one year in school she got to be a bunny in the school play. I was very jealous of her because I had not yet been in a play and very much wanted to.  She was so proud of her part and wore her bunny ears all around the house, much to my ire. 
I would see her approach in her bunny ears and say, "Elizabeth, take those OFF!!" 
She's smile at me, and twitch her nose and hop like a bunny.
I wanted to scream.

Lately when Lucy and Coen are fighting, I tell them stories of me and Auntie Bethie--The things we did that drove each other crazy.  This one is their favorite.

So, one night, during this time, Beth came into the bathroom at night where I was brushing my teeth. She was wearing her bunny ears.
"Ugh." I groaned with annoyance.  "Take those OFF Elizabeth. It's bedtime!"
She smiled at me sweetly, blue-gray eyes shining.  She looked at herself, then me, in the mirror and stared to sing.  She sang "Good N-I-G-H-T."  She drew out the "gooooood"  and then finished off by spelling the rest.  I wanted to yank her hair.
"Stop it." I said quietly.
"Goooood N-I-G-H-T"
"Knock it OFF, Elizabeth."
"Goooood N-I-G-H-T"
"Stop it!"  I said, louder this time.
"Goooood N-I-G-H-T"
"STOP IT!!" I screamed.
"Girls!" My mom called upstairs
"Alie's screaming!" Elizabeth said.
I couldn't believe it. I angrily marched off to bed.

I told this story to my kids and their cousins upon request the other night.  Beth was present, laughing all the while.   And anytime Coen and Lucy really get into it, I sit them down.  "Tell us another story about you and Auntie Bethie." They always say.
It seems to help.


Auntie Bethie, my mom, and me.

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